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Feb. 20, 2020

Speech by the President of Forte Holding at the "APRO" seminar

It is already becoming a good tradition at the Aquatherm Moscow international exhibition to review the current Russian market for heating systems, summarize the results of the past year, and discuss pressing issues of the industry in the company of leading players and market analysts. Thus, the active program of the exhibition included, among other things, business forums organized with the support Of the Association of manufacturers of heating radiators "APRO". 

One of the panel sessions dedicated to the Russian market of heating devices brought together the leading manufacturers of the industry, importers and government representatives. 

The President of Forte holding Was also invited among the main speakers. Alexander Denisov summed up the results of the company's activities for 2019, shared plans for the next year and presented his forecast for the development of the industry. All present agreed with the inevitable reduction of aluminum radiators in the market, whose place will be taken by steel panel radiators, increasing its share almost twice, while completely replacing imported products. Also, according to forecasts, the share of injection-molded sectional radiators will almost halve over time, and this market segment will mainly be represented by bimetallic devices also of domestic production.

Meanwhile, Forte holding continues to actively develop its production base: on the eve of the exhibition, the new Forte Prom GmbH workshop was opened, so that the plant will be able to produce more than 8,500,000 radiator sections per year. Also, a new plant for the production of steel panel radiators – Forte Prom steel GmbH-will be opened in the near future. 

"It is the rich industrial experience, sufficient labor, financial and infrastructure resources that allow Forte Holding to firmly occupy the position of the industry leader," Alexander Vladimirovich summed up his speech.