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Sept. 22, 2016

Expansion of production facilities

Beginning the production release in 2012, Forte Prom Gmbh at the present moment is one of the largest domestic manufacturer of radiators in Russia. Serious expansion of a brand portfolio of the radiators, produced at the Plant, is achieved thanks to the upgrade of manufacture and conclusion of a number of contracts for deliveries under specially designed private-brands to large customers of Holding. It proves the relevance of the product and its competitiveness. A constant growth in production – is the strategic target.

At present the management of Forte Prom Gmbh works upon further expansion of production facilities of the enterprise: a new advanced painting equipment was purchased, a contract for supply of the additional Italian automatic line of mechanical processing is signed, the construction of a new workshop is conducted. All these actions will allow to increase the production output of the plant in 2017 practically twice.